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Key Upcoming Date

July 19, 2014: Mandatory Trainer/USA football meeting 10:30 A. M. to 11:30 A. M.
July 28, 2014: Make Up Mandatory Trainer/USA football meeting 6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.
                       at Hartford Rec Center
July 29, 2014: Equipment Handout for 7th & 8th Grade Players 5:00 P. M. to 7:00 P. M.
July 30, 2014: Equipment Handout for 5th & 6th Grade Players 5:00 P. M. to 7:00 P. M.
July 31, 2014: Make up Equipment Handout 5:00 P. M. to 7:00 P. M.
July 29, 2014: Base Line Concussion Testing at Aurora Clinic Hartford 5:30 P. M. to 7:30 P. M.
July 31, 2014: Base Line Concussion Testing at Aurora Clinic Hartford 5:30 P. M. to 7:30 P. M.
August 2, 2014: First Day of Practice with Parent Coach Meet and Great. 
                          Meet and Greet plus Registration Completion 8:30 A. M. to 9:00 A. M.
                          Practice Begins 9:00 A. M. to 11:00 A. M.
August 16, 2014: Scrimmage At Arrowhead 9:00 A. M. to 12:00 P. M. All Grade Levels
                             6th Grade through 8th Grade at Taraska Stadium at Arrowhead High School
                             5th Grade at Merton School
August 23, 2014: Scrimmage at Grafton.  Details TBD
***Special Notices***

Hartford Youth Football would like to welcome our newest board members.  Carrie Kutz with registration, Brian Arvidson with the coaching committee and Dan Barker with Equipment.  If you have any interest in becoming a HYFB board member please contact Club President Pam Feucht for openings and how you can help. 

USA Football.  HYFB is in the process of becoming USA Football Heads Up Certified.  Coach and Coaching Committee board member Mark Oechsner has completed his safety training and is in the process of training the coaches and parents.  We are one of the first clubs in AAYFL to do this.  This further shows HYFB's commitment to player safety.

Trainer.  HYFB has reached an agreement with an athletic trainer to be at all home games and any away game where the host team does not offer a trainer.  Our primary trainer will be Valire, with help from Elaine, and Wendy.  We are looking forward to this relationship and all the benefits it will bring.

E-mail Addresses.  In the last few weeks I have sent out a few e-mails in regards to important upcoming dates and times.  If you have not recieved any of those e-mails then I do not have your accurate address.  If you send me your correct address with the grade your player is in then I will get you added to our list.  My e-mail address is
Welcome to Hartford Youth Football

We are a football organization that provides kids in 5th through 8th grade ages 14 and under with the opportunity to play organized tackle football. Eligible players include those that live in Hartford Union High School district, and meet our age and grade requirements. Please check with any board member if you have any question on whether you qualify to play for our club. We encourage all young athletes to play in this safe, organized, officiated sport. We are part of the Wisconsin All-American Football League (AAYFL).

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